The Sound of the Wind

Music for the Heart

From an early age, Soniko Waira set out to become a performer and professional World Music Artist. A strong will and determination have helped push this artist forward and continues to drive his creative expression.

Check out his newest productions below, and get in touch if you'd like to become a co-creator and support his upcoming music production

"13 Songs to the Centre of the Heart"

"Music is a gift and the vehicle to flow through life, in harmony and beauty... sharing it - is my gift back"...

all my relations!

H U Y A Y A Y !

Todo Comienza - MAR2017_edited.jpg

Everything Begins


Todo comienza - Everything Begins
home studio sessions MAR2017

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A Musical Journey

Opening Hearts

Throughout the course of his musical life, Soniko has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life.

Soniko Waira has earned the admiration and affection of countless fans, serving as both inspiration and role model.


Contact & Bookings

If you want to book a show or perhaps co-create with Soniko, his music, and his art projects, here's the way to get in touch.

1 (250) 900 6183

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Music Videos and Interviews

Soniko invites you to join him on his musical journey with a great selection of videos.
From live concerts and behind-the-scenes footage, to creative visuals and more, this  World Music Artist brings his music to life with a full multimedia experience. Watch and explore what it truly means to be a talented musical artist.


Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain. After the rain comes the rainbow, After the storm comes the calm, After the night comes the morning, And after the end a new beginning, It's the circle of LIFE


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Raven is the gatekeeper between this world and the next. He teaches us how to journey into the Void where all possibility lives. Raven says_ "I watched Spirit create the entire Universe out of the Void, it's very being. Thus was I taught by Spirit how to create MAGIC".

Todo comienza

Todo comienza - Everything Begins
home studio sessions MAR2017

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AMOR ~ live at expressions cafe

sharing some tunes at the expressions cafe in nelson ~ october 29, 2014

Cultivating Joy in the Heart (Cover)

Cover Song by Ana Hata

Love Song

Song by The Cure

Agua de Estrellas

Thank you Water You give life Thank you family of stars Thank you for this song I’m learning how to flow! May this New Sun’s rebirth reminds me to InJoy the journey with the ones I share these life experiences From the Heart!

Huyayay, huyayay... H U Y A Y A Y !

¥ellow Self-existing Human | DEC21,2017

I Remember

Recorded in TC Helicon VoiceJam Studio

Andean Heart

Andean melody


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